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We have this giant chair-and-a-half in the library at our house. It's situated right in front of a window, and Zoe likes to pose on top of it as she surveys her domain.

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When I'm not moving fast enough to suit them...

Biggles/Zoe:  *whine*  *whiiiiiine*
Me:  Are you crying?  Haven't I told you that there's no crying in baseball?!

When they run up to me, excited about nothing I can see...

Biggles/Zoe:  *pant* *bark* *pant*
Me:  What?  Did Timmy fall down the well again?

When they just feel talkative...

Biggles/Zoe:  *yawn*  *strange grumbly noises*  *howl*  (That last is only Zoe)
Me:  Really?  And then what happened?

When one or the other leaves their current favorite toy/bone unguarded...

Me:  You better go back and get your bone.  Your sister will get it -- she's like that.
The careless one:  *pant* *pant*
Me:  See, she's got both now
The greedy one:  *grrrr! mine!*
The careless one:  *hey! no fair!*
Me:  No, you can only have one.   One.  No.  One.
The careless one:  *thanks mom!*
The greedy one:  *curses! foiled again!*

Silly post is silly.  But Bob is visiting, and it makes me laugh to talk to and about my dogs.
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The subject says it all. ^_^

We are getting so big!
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So... we have these nice wooden baby/dog gates that we can put up to confine Biggles.  Zoe is still too small and can just fit through the bars.  For her, we were using a wire crate.  However, the wire crate was too big -- she would still potty in it.  So we halved the space (making it a triangle... sort of) and that works.


Well, take a look:  Zoe the Escape Artist

Obviously, we'll need a different solution.


Oct. 8th, 2009 02:16 pm
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Zoe is finally old enough to be photogenic!

She'll be coming to live with us on the 18th.  I hope she and Biggles get along well! =D


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