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Title:  Sex in the City
Characters:  Cloud, Zack
Rating:   PG (Teen)
Prompt:  For "pornbattle" on InsaneJournal.  Materia as a sex aid.
Notes:  I've done this prompt before as a sex story.  This time I went for humor instead.

Because friends don't let friends remain ignorant. )
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Title:  Achilles' Heel
Characters:  Zack, Cloud, Tifa
Rating:  G
Warnings:  Rampant silliness?  A touch of innuendo?
Word Count:  2151
Summary:  This is a fidelity-verse fic, taking place right after Tifa arrives in Midgar.  The guys take her out to lunch.
Notes:  This is about... 99% humor with a tiny touch of fluff.

Because even SOLDIERs have them... )
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This week's ffvii_100 prompt was 'fix it/retcon'.  I wrote two drabbles, but they came out about twice as long as they were supposed to be.  I just use too many words!  So here they are as I originally wrote them, before I trimmed them to fit.  If you'd rather read the 100 word versions, you can find them here:  The Obvious Solution / A Little Less Anxious

Title: The Obvious Solution
Characters:  Cloud and Zack
Rating:  PG
The Obvious Solution )

Title: A Little Less Anxious
Characters/Pairing:  Cloud/Tifa
Rating:  PG

A Little Less Anxious )

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Title:  Fidelity
Characters:  Zack, Cloud, Tifa
Rating:  T
Notes:  This was written for a prompt from [ profile] windrider1.  It is an "alternate timeline" story, which differs from the canon timeline in two main respects:  Cloud made it into SOLDIER, and Sephiroth was never sent to Nibelheim.  (In short, things are a bit rosier for Cloud.)  I hope this provides a decent distraction (I'm still contemplating writing a second chapter containing smut).  Lastly, I'm absurdly pleased with my title for a number of reasons.  Can you guess why?  ^^;

Fidelity )

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Title:  Safe Sex
Characters:  Zack and Cloud (friendship fic)
Rating:  Erm... T?  What age do they teach sex-ed these days?
Notes:  I'm working on an alternate timeline fic for [ profile] windrider1, and it occurred to me that I may need a rationale (again) for why Cloud has mad bedroom skills.  (I'm not sure... I haven't gotten to that part yet, and I'm not really sure how it's going to turn out.  He may be a bit of a fumbler at first, or he may not.).  Also, I'm sorry for the ping-pong thing.  It assaulted me and insisted I stick it in here.

Safe Sex )
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Title: Safe Bet
Author/Artist: sekiharatae
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Vague references to sex.
Prompt/challenge you're answering:
Tifa owes Zack, and uses sex as an alternative form of payment
: This is very sappy.  I blame Cloud, as he kept trying to turn all my attempts at smut into a threesome.  It wasn't until I tried a different take that he agreed to mind his own business.  I think I like it, but I'm not sure it fits them.

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