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Title:  Juncture
Author:  [ profile] sekiharatae 
Fandom: Tangled
Pairing: Eugene/Rapunzel 
Rating: K+
Prompt: #10 -- Take Me Under the Festive Lights ([ profile] citrus_taste  xmas mini challenge)
AN:  Thanks to [ profile] yuenmei  for the lightning fast beta and added encouragement.  Also... I said I wasn't going to write this, and yet somehow I did.  I'm definitely not going to win a million dollars, though. 

Being with Rapunzel makes him a better man, but he has to decide to be one. )
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When I first saw Tangled on Thanksgiving, it ate my brain.  I was all about reading and writing fic for it. 

But it hasn't happened.

I got all caught up in shopping and then in watching Stargate while I waited for my bursitis to calm down, and the urge to write for the fandom just sort of... petered away.  (The fandom being so petty no doubt contributed, too.)

I feel like I should want to write for Tangled... but I don't anymore.  *sigh*

Maybe after it comes out on Blu-Ray. 

In the meantime... I do have an idea for a Sleeping Beauty fic.  And I'm going to go back to my FFVII stuff.

On a related note:  is anyone else still trying to finish those meme prompts from last year?  Or have you consigned them to the 'never gonna happen' bin?  I feel guilty for not having finished mine.  ^^;

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So, first and foremost:  Happy Turkey Day (and or Thursday, if Turkey Day isn't your thing) to everyone.

Secondly:  Hubby and I went to see Tangled this morning, and it was awesome.  Definitely my favorite of the more recent (i.e. since Little Mermaid) Disney fairy tales.  Yes.  Better than Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.  Although, truthfully... while I enjoyed both films when they were new -- particularly the music; I will still occasionally reference lyrics from both -- they didn't have the lasting impression of, say, Sleeping Beauty.  I have/had no compelling urge to own them on DVD, for example. (Let it be known that I do own Aladdin, though.)

My point being:  leaving the theater I told my husband I wanted Tangled on blu-ray as soon as it came out. 

Also, Maximus reminded me amusingly of Zoe.

ETA:  Forgot to comment on the hair in the movie.  One of the few things about the Advent Children (Complete) art that has always bothered me (albeit mildly) is the hair.  From a distance, it looks great, although sometimes it doesn't move right.  That aside, the main problem is that up close everyone has really really thick strands of hair, and not very many of them, instead of moderately thin strands and lots of them.  Despite the fact that the overal look of Tangled is more cartoony (vice ACC's near realism), they got the hair right.  Both in general and for Rapunzel specifically.  It looks right from a distance and up close.  It has the sheen of real hair, and (as far as you can tell, considering the length) it moves like real hair.  I hope that Square adopts the same approach.

Although I have to admit that Cloud's hair will never ever ever move 'normally'. ;)
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I'm so so so so glad that Mandy Moore can actually sing, and has a range that consists of more than the same three notes. 

Vocal range and the ability to carry a tune for the win! 

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I want to see TANGLED.

Also, you need to watch this.  Just because it's hilarious:


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