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Title:  Most Precious, Part 2/?
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Rating:  T
Length:  4600 Words
Prompt:  Written for [ profile] dylynnr, the winning binner on my RK fanfic [ profile] help_japan  auction.  Request was for a fantasy-themed Kaoru/Battousai
Thanks To:  [ profile] jane_drew_[ profile] quoth_the_ravyn,  and [ profile] guardantares for the ongoing encouragement. You're all made of win.
Note:  OMG! Finally! Also, there's a slightly revised chapter one you might want to read.

In which our cast of characters grows, and Kaoru meets a statue. Sort of. )
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[ profile] rikkitsune  has just created the [ profile] rk_fic_exchange  community.  It should be a lot of fun, and we can always use more good RK fic, right? 


Anyone interested should join and (if so inclined) help spread the word so we can get a full complement of members and the writing can begin!
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Title:  Most Precious, Part 1/?
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Rating:  T
Length:  6600 Words
Betas:  [ profile] jane_drew_[ profile] quoth_the_ravyn,  and [ profile] yuenmei.  Thank you all, you were immensely helpful! <3
Prompt:  Written for [ profile] dylynnr, the winning binner on my RK fanfic [ profile] help_japan  auction.  Request was for a fantasy-themed Kaoru/Battousai fic.  

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Title: Lucky Day
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Rating:  K (all audiences)
Notes:  Written as a thank-you for [ profile] jlightning_wolf.  The request was for a canon Kenshin story... Sadly, it took three tries to come up with an idea that I could actually write to completion.  Hopefully I didn't take too many liberties (or develop too many misconceptions) regarding Japanese traditions.  Additional notes follow the fic.

The calendar promised it was a lucky day... )
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Two fics in one day, despite being loopy and in pain.  Go me!  (Unless they suck, in which case I have no idea where they came from.)

Title:  The Importance of Being Constant
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Prompt: Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin/Kaoru: Discovering your boyfriend isn't human (anything but a vampire or a werewolf)- Some days it didn't pay to get out of bed, this was one of those days.

There was a stranger in her kitchen, claiming to be her boyfriend.

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Title:  Two Score Seasons
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Prompt:  For [personal profile] quoth_the_ravyn, who asked for Ken/Kaoru and pumpkin patches at midnight

Two Score Seasons )
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Characters:  Kenshin and Misao
Rating:  T
Summary:  Prequel to "The Summoning:  Of Bonds and Completion" 
Notes:  I forgot to add that I blame this on [personal profile] jane_drew  and [personal profile] quoth_the_ravyn .  ^_^  They both asked really great questions and made fantastic suggestions after reading the original summoning fic, so I just had to write something that addressed them.

Because Misao bears watching at all times )
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Title:  Magic, Leather, Feathers and Kisses

Fandom:  Rurouni Kenshin
Pairing:  Kaoru/Kenshin
AU.  Extremely.  Another time, place, world and species even.
For [info]quoth_the_ravyn's bday (late).  I hope it at least hits some of the right buttons.
Note:  This is un-beta'd.  My beta has had a head cold all week and says she feels like she's been hit by a truck.  =(  Sorry!  Beta approved... and then requested more.

Read more... )
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TITLE:   Victory
FANDOM: Rurouni Kenshin
PAIRING: Kenshin/Kaoru 
TABLE:  [info]12_stories table 8
PROMPT:  #5  "Desire"
WARNINGS: Fully clothed naughtiness with shinai?
NOTES:  I've wanted to write a story based on this picture for some time (years), and this prompt seemed to work.

Victory )
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“I win.”  His voice was calm and rather smug.

“That... that... that’s not fair!” Kaoru spluttered.  “You didn’t use your shinai!”

Kenshin arched an eyebrow.  "Of course not."  He glanced pointedly at his hakama.  "That's for later." 
I wasn't stuck for dialogue, I swear!  It just popped in my head and it won't go away! 

I blame you, Shinji!  Hentai!

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While I was looking for an RK doujin image, I found an unfinished K&K fic based on that image!  < Is Happy >  Of course, I'm already writing a new story based on the same picture, 'cause I thought this one lost, so now I have to decide which I like better.  <grumble grumble> 

Anyway, I also found some silly things I wrote back when I was trying to write Heart's Ease.  I may have posted them to rkfanfic, but I don't think they've seen the light of day anywhere else.  So, in a spate of silliness... here they are.  Now, these are things I actually wrote -- as in typed directly into the story -- when what I wanted to say wasn't cooperating.  They aren't things I came up with later.

Tae's brain works in silly ways )
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Title: Heart's Ease (part 1/3)
Rurouni Kenshin
PG-13 (this part only)
Previously posted under my alter-ego "Komagata Yumi"

Spoiler warning:  This story is set during the Revenge arc, and the basis for it is found in scenes throughout the series. Spoilers for both the Kyoto saga and Revenge will be found herein, as well as references to episodes 6 and 7 (volume two of the manga).

Heart's Ease 1/3 )


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