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Title:  Most Precious, Part 1/?
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Rating:  T
Length:  6600 Words
Betas:  [ profile] jane_drew_[ profile] quoth_the_ravyn,  and [ profile] yuenmei.  Thank you all, you were immensely helpful! <3
Prompt:  Written for [ profile] dylynnr, the winning binner on my RK fanfic [ profile] help_japan  auction.  Request was for a fantasy-themed Kaoru/Battousai fic.  

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I've been working on an RK fanfic since the [ profile] help_japan  auctions ended.  Not constantly -- I've also been pondering my FFVII and HP stories, and spending a lot of time being under the weather -- but still, I've spent a large chunk of my time on it in the last month and a half.

Bizarrely, most of that time has been on research.

Yes, you read that right.  Research.  For a fanfic.  In the last few days I've found myself stopping frequently to double check some fact or another.  Admittedly, it's during the initial 'setup' of my AU, so it's more detail intensive, but still...

Along with all that research, I've been compiling a file of 'notes' -- things I might want to explain to the reader later -- and found myself writing the following:

Initially I’d thought to use Bendigeidfran (Bran the Blessed) as my Apollo analogue, but in trying to pin down what his ‘symbol’ might be (the raven), I grew dissatisfied with this choice. Largely due to the fact that I could find no reason for him to be associated with the sun, despite several lists of Celtic gods claiming the link exists. Instead, I decided that the two best possibilities were the pan-Celtic deities Lugus and Belenus. Lugus is a sort of jack-of-all-trades god – much like Apollo – whereas Belenus seems to be the most universally accepted Celtic sun deity. In fact, the ancient Romans associated Lugus with Mercury and Belenus with Apollo, so I could just go from there. They surely had better access to the source beliefs! However, provided Lugus’ association with light isn’t just an etymological mixup (as one source argues rather convincingly) he may be a better fit for my purposes.
And I thought:  Tae, you are insane.  You wouldn't need this much justification if you were writing a novel.  Which you're not.  Pick a name, make one up, but just go with it. 

*head desk head desk head desk*

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It's amazing the things you find when you actually finish unpacking after moving across country.  ¬.¬  I think I'll take a video of my office later, so you can see the environment I work in.  (Jawas and fine china and sonic screwdrivers and Cloud action figures and Russian lacquer boxes and stuffed, talking Kero-chans... the video would probably explain a lot.)


I have three extra copies of a mini-doujinshi Erin Prendergast did of the first part of Heart's Ease. Anyone want one?  (First dibs to the RK fans on my f-list, but if they don't want them...)

Also, these are FREE. GRATIS. 
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Characters:  Kenshin and Misao
Rating:  T
Summary:  Prequel to "The Summoning:  Of Bonds and Completion" 
Notes:  I forgot to add that I blame this on [personal profile] jane_drew  and [personal profile] quoth_the_ravyn .  ^_^  They both asked really great questions and made fantastic suggestions after reading the original summoning fic, so I just had to write something that addressed them.

Because Misao bears watching at all times )
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I should've shared this awhile ago, but I am Easily Distracted Woman and... well... I got distracted.  ^^;  (face palm)

Fanart of Kaoru's phoenix costume from Ravyn's b-day fic Magic, Leather, Feathers and Kisses.


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