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When I read a summary like this:

As a fan I was insulted by AC. FF7 can do better than that. We can do better. So I'm writing this, which tells a different story of what happened 2 years after the game. Work in progress. Old chapters subject to revision. Criticism always appreciated.

I should know I'm not going to like the story.  More, I should realize that it's a pit of annoyance waiting to open up and swallow me. 

The 'we' is obviously meant to be 'I'.  While I certainly believe I, personally, would have enjoyed ACC if it had more cloti moments, that doesn't mean I think I can do a better job of telling an FF7 story than its creators.  Yes, you can argue that some of the compilation suffers from fanservice, but that statement is definitely colored by what sort of fanservice you want to see.  (For example, cloti fans enjoyed the new ACC scenes, while clerith ones most likely did not.)

If the summary wasn't warning enough, there is a script version of the fic that is completed.  Since the novel version is still in-progress, I decided to take a peek at the ending in the script version, so see if it would be worth slogging through the 20+ chapters of the novel version.  The first chapter is a 'legal notice and author's statement'... because 'disclaimer' is too simplistic I suppose.  (It's what the peons use.)  Said statement contains the following text (bolding and italics added by me):

So take heart, my fellow disillusioned fans; by using the power of your imagination to flesh out the non-existent film I’ve delineated in these pages, you will experience but one example of the viable alternative that exists in respect to Advent Children and mass-produced culture in general. This is an alternative that transcends economic, legal, and authorial restrictions on creativity, allowing it to exist as it truly is, governed only by the limits of the imagination. For what is Advent Children’s story but another fanfic with a copyright attached to it? As long as we all have imaginations, we all have control over imaginary worlds. No single individual, not even the author, can rise above this egalitarian model, unless, of course, he can trick others into believing that his word is superior and somehow truer. There is, in fact, no objective truth in an imaginary world, which is why it is imaginary and not reality in the first place. Secondly, because the pleasure of an aesthetic experience comes from within, one’s personal interpretation and memories of that experience will always trump authorial intention in the heart of the individual. I don’t understand why so many people think authorial intention is important to Final Fantasy VII when it’s not even an auteur work in the first place.

I wouldn't be able to have a conversation with this person in real life.  I'd be too tempted to slap him. 

First, I have a nice, extensive vocabulary, but I still think you should phrase things in easily accessible language, especially on  *rolls eyes*  Secondly...  Another fanfic with a copyright attached to it?  The author who created the world can't claim his word is superior?  Not an auteur work?  What planet does this person live on? Not to mention... but if you're a 'disillusioned' fan, you're not really a fan anymore... so why are you still playing in this fandom? (Possibly, just to annoy people like myself.) Add the fact that the ending is pro-clerith, and I'm left with the impression that is is just another clerith fan, but one with an impressive vocabulary and an ego to match.  (He argues much the same way the rational ones do:  by using loaded language rather than actual proof. In particular:  if you don't agree that his version of what happens after the game is a viable alternative, that AC/ACC is just a fanfic itself, then you must have been tricked into believing your imagination is sub-par.)  Obviously, AC/ACC was crap, because it didn't tell the story he wanted to see. 

Mind you, if Cloud had decided to drown himself so he could walk into the lifestream with Aerith at the end of ACC, I would agree that it was crap... but I wouldn't be interested in playing in this playground anymore.  I'd be a disillusioned fan, you see. ;)

My ability to find things that annoy me is really unparalleled.  
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Ok... first, let me just say that -- subject aside -- I *hate* this show.  If my family and friends ever decide I dress so horribly as to need help from these people, I will go out and find new friends.  Or kill myself.  Or them.  Because the last thing I need are two snooty New Yorkers (1) forcing me to go shopping in NYC when I live, oh, somewhere else -- learning how to shop in NYC helps me HOW? (2) insisting I buy things that are both over priced and overly dressy, and (3) completely neglecting the fact that my lifestyle may not call for heels and skirts.  Like, for instance:  I have a senile and incontinent dog, and -- at least 4 times a day, between 10 AM and 6 PM -- I have to carry her outside to do her business. Sometimes she does it before I get her out there, or decides to do it on the way back upstairs.  Sometimes she does it before I pick her up and then sits in it.  So I really don't think I need to spend $50 on a pair of jeans when my Wal-Mart specials do the job.  Thanks.

This is not to say they don't (generally) make their victim guest look better.  Because with a very few exceptions out of the very few shows I've seen, they do.  It's to say that they go about it in a horribly rude and impractical way.  Mothers and grandmothers who spend their time working in gardens or chasing after toddlers do not need to dress like they work on Wallstreet!  They don't need to be made over into models.  They need help to look good as what they are:  women who have lives that require practical clothing.

That said... this post really has nothing to do with the show.  ^^;  It started because I found this shirt and wanted to share my WTF reaction.  (Especially to the pic with the big flower.  Because I guess the shirt wasn't intrusive enough as-is...)


Yeah... I've mentioned I get easily distracted, right?  The above rant brought to you by my reaction to the phrase "what not to wear" after I thought it in reaction to that top.

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That's what these things are for, right?  =P

Why can't we just quit pointing fingers and agree to disagree? )


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