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I'm trying to be a good little author and finish my way way way overdue auction stories.  But they're all difficult and require world building and brain power which I've been lacking.  ;_;  On the other hand, it's time for the FF Kiss Battle, and those tend to be short but sweet one-offs.

To give myself a treat, I'm going to try to write five final fantasy kisses.  Trouble is, there aren't five prompts over there that I can write at present.  There aren't any, actually, except maybe the Zack/Aerith one.

That's right, there aren't any cloti prompts!

But if someone were interested in leaving some.... (hint hint)

The battle is on Dreamwidth, but all participants -- to prompt or to respond -- are welcome.  You can use your LJ openid if you want.  The announcement and such is here:

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Sometime shortly after I left the thirty lemons community I found another of similar leanings, but more my speed:  [ profile] citrus_taste .  Among other perks, you can do a multi-fandom table (so I can write stories for Kenshin or Prince of Persia or FFVII), and there is no deadline.   I've wavered about joining, since I have a ridiculous number of in-progress stories already... but, I'm in need of smut, and the summer battle sounds fun!

The idea is to write 20 prompts between now and September 12th.  It's a 'battle' if you sign up to compete with a friend... and you can 'duel' multiple people.  So, anyone interested?

The relevant posts are here:

Challenge Rules/Announcement
Lime Table
Kink Table

I'm gonna wait to sign up until I know if anyone wants to battle with me, so we can discuss word limits and other such things. ^__^

Dear Muse

Jan. 27th, 2010 01:42 pm
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Dear Muse:

I have an incredible list of prompts I'm supposed to be writing.  You may have seen it posted here recently.  Please note, because I jump at prompts the way a monkey pounces on shiny things, that I have added THREE MORE, all due in February.  Do you think, I dunno, maybe you could FOCUS for awhile?  I'm not asking much, just... let me finish even one story I've got in progress.  But noOOooYou have to go and spawn plot ideas for fic I don't need to write.  You have to beat me upside the head to write a crossover between Star Trek and FFVII, largely because (I think) you want to see Kirk shot down by Tifa.  Or possibly threatened by Cloud.  You want to have my brain at war over which fandom icon it loves more, Kirk or Cloud.  (Because if Tifa is involved, there will be testosterone.  Two will posture, one will win.)

AND THEN, while my head is still whirling over the Trek crossover idea, you assault me with a Rurouni Kenshin idea in which Hiko comes out of a sake jug as a genie, and inflicts Battousai on a modern-day Kaoru.

You are an evil wench, you muse.

Most sincerely aggravated,


P.S.  If you won't let me write what I need to write, would you let me edit what I need to edit?  I need to find a way to edit Reality Made Fantasy, In Alchohol is Truth, Catharsis, and maybe a few other fics to comply with my new 'Square says they did it under the Highwind' world view.
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I've been going over my prompt list, and I am afraid I need to pester some of my prompters.  ^^;

[ profile] yuenmei :  I have lots of plans for my Fidelity verse, so I'm hesitant to write a drabble that occurs after what I've already written.  Would you accept a drabble covering something I've already mentioned?  For example:  (1) One of Tifa's smutty dreams of Cloud, (2) Greater detail on Tifa's reactions to first seeing pics of Cloud in uniform, (3) Zack trouncing Cloud at ping-pong while Tifa watches the carnage, (4) Cloud trouncing Zack at pool while Tifa watches, (5) Tifa doing her best to be damsel in distress while watching a horror movie, (6)  Cloud's encounter with the VCG.  Except for #2, they'll probably be a bit angsty at the end, because they're not a couple yet, but you know that gets resolved so maybe it won't be objectionable?  Alternatively, I could swap your prompt to Black Jewel crossover stuff instead.  (Except that seems like cheating, as I plan to write Black Jewel crossover stuff at some point.  This is the same problem I have with writing a drabble that occurs later in my fidelity timeline.  I can't think of anything I haven't already planned to write, and it seems like cheating to use it for your prompt.) 

[ profile] momcalling :  pondering your road trip prompt, it struck me that -- technically -- the gang has already been on a road trip.  A long and painful one.  Which is making it difficult for me to see Cloud and Tifa going on another, especially if they leave the kids behind.  Would you accept a vignette set during the game?  Some point when they had a short, restful period in the middle of their running and fighting and chasing and they could -- however briefly -- pretend they were just on a road trip?  (Something like that?)
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Cloud's POV of [ profile] kitsune13_tam's story "Snow"
Draco/Hermione and a magical object of my choice for [ profile] vashka_kat 
Cloud and Tifa (preferable smut), night under the Highwind for [ profile] windrider1 
Cloud/Squall. "No. Just no." for [ profile] meimi, who says I don't have to make it YAOI.  (Huzzah!)
Mac Taylor/Stella Bonasera from "CSI: New York". Prompt: "In the candlelight" for [ profile] aliale 
Kenshin&Kaoru romance for [ profile] evilteddybear10 
Hamel/Flute (romance?) for [ profile] elanor_pam 
Fidelity drabble for[ profile] yuenmei 
AU cloti fic (possibly with mythical creatures) for [ profile] newbie_gk 
FFXII Basch/Ashe smut for [ profile] aliale 
Cloud/Tifa, Don Corneo's or directly after in the train graveyard, possibly using the line: "You're no man's whore".  For [ profile] kitsune13_tam 
Slayers Lina/Gourry, prompt:  dessert.  For [ profile] ashfae 
Either K&K or cloti smut under a waterfall for [ profile] lucifer_hatter 
Tifa and Yuna commiserating over Cloud and Tidus for [ profile] meimi 
Rikku/Tidus friendship fic post FFX-2 for [ profile] qwi_xux 
Kenshin/Kaoru, Kaoru seduction fiasco for [ profile] nekohooch 
Blanket scenario, pairing/fandom author's choice, prompt: hunt.  For [ profile] ashfae 
RK, canon, K&K.   An argument and reconciliation, with a side order of protective Kenshin.  For [ profile] yuenmei.
Kenshin/Kaoru -- Accidental Magic for [ profile] quoth_the_ravyn 
Cloud and Tifa road trip for [ profile] momcalling 
Kenshin/Kaoru canon fic for [ profile] jlightning_wolf 

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This is my list of Springkink prompts, all due in November:

1st: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Obsession. Cloud has a fixation.

5th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, The trick (an action/catchphrase/item/cue that prompts immediate (sexual) action)

5th: Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin/Kaoru: Discovering your boyfriend isn't human (anything but a vampire or a werewolf)- Some days it didn't pay to get out of bed, this was one of those days.

7th: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Home- Where ever she was... so was home.

15th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, Oh my!, “We’re in plain eyesight, no one will see.”

17th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, 20 minutes, (left until discovery; time together; until we meet)

18th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, Dangerous curves, (obsession)

25th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, Call of the Wild, “I know her and in my mind I dream of her, how she aches without me”

26th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, Tasty, (oral stimulation/satisfaction)

26th: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Bondage. Helpless, like an offering, splayed out for pleasure or pain.

27th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, 24/7, “I like to think we have no time limits”

28th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, Chilli Chocolate, “It tastes of making love to you”

30th: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud/Tifa, A gift, “It’s a talent”

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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of ANY pairing/character of their choosing (of ANY fandom) from me (with a prompt, if it pleases you to give me one). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

(This is [ profile] windrider1 's fault, btw.)

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Prompts for the current round of "Are You Game" are up and open for claiming.  In addition to the three I've signed up for, I've had the following thoughts (which may lead to additional claims). 

BTW... have you noticed that my brain is capable of doing amazingly cracky things? )
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As some of you may have noticed, [ profile] springkink has started taking prompts for the next round.  Also, over on InsaneJournal, Are You Game is taking prompts until September 13th for the current round (smut seems to be sort of the norm, but it doesn't have to be) and PornBattle has posted prompts for the taking.

Why should you care?  Well, first, you can submit prompts!  (Go!  Submit prompts!) Second, I'm considering writing some of the prompts on PornBattle (if the stars ever align and grant me more than a half hour at the computer at a time), so if you have a particular interest in any of the Cloud/Tifa FFVII prompts -- or, possibly, one of the very few Rurouni Kenshin prompts -- feel free to lobby here for your favorite(s).

And, of course, you can reply to the prompts yourself.  More smut for all!

P.S. if you're gonna lobby for a prompt that speaks to you, you may want to leave hints as to exactly how.  For example:  there is a Cloud/Tifa 'as you wish' prompt and I'm now having thoughts of Cloud as a genie (o.O) or a story with Princess Bride overtones (i.e. Tifa realizing that when he says 'as you wish' he's saying 'I love you'... )

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By the end of May I need to write at least one of my 30_lemons prompts, one of my fanfic50 prompts, and one of my 12_stories prompts. The hardest part there will be deciding which 30_lemons prompt to write; I have 3 currently clamoring to be written. Aside from that, though, I have a prompt from the het meme dancing around in my head, and then -- because I'm an over achiever and jump at shiny prompts -- I have the following commitments:

prompts under here )

Also, I do not know what LJ's problem is with using blockquotes and lj-cuts, but it ALWAYS screw them up on me!
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Unhappy and trying to write.  I walked into my home office today to find that one of my porcelain dolls took a tumble (after sitting happily on her shelf for a year) and shattered her knee and hand.  ::cries::  No idea why, either.

So, feeling pessimistic and that leads to another one of these prompt... complaint... things.

I'm thinking... that I'm going to drop my 30_lemons claim.  This doesn't mean I won't write Cloud/Tifa smut, just ... it seems wrong to hang out just long enough to write the handful of prompts that speak to me:

007:  The Wardrobe
This would be the going dancing prompt. 
008:  Aural Sex
Cloud's delivery absences provide ample fodder for this one.
013:  The Stables
Motorcycle smut
020:  First timers
Actually have a page of this one written already.  It won't be under the Highwind, and will hopefully not be cliche.

Then there are a few that whisper:
002:  The Audience
Rude or Yuffie watching Cloud/Tifa.  Rude was my first thought, 'cause he's got that crush on Tifa.  But then Yuffie as a trouble-making person with little concept of personal space/curious teen seemed like it might work, too.
009:  Sex and Drugs
It's not really screaming at me, but I think I could wangle this as someone doctoring Tifa's drink.  Alternatively, have an idea for Tifa/Cloud while he's still suffering (unbeknownst to her) from mako addiction.  So, technically, he'd be drugged at the time.  (No, she didn't do it on purpose to take advantage of him, and is appropriately horrified later)
021:  Alone time
No real thoughts, other than maybe it can tie in to the aural sex one.  Or I could place it at a point before they're actually having sex.  But at least it's workable.
022:  Bottom's Up
No real thoughts here, either, but my beta has specifically requested a case of Tifa being in charge, so I'll write it sooner or later. 
027:  Mile High Club
Somewhere on the Highwind.  And doesn't Cloud have motion sickness?  So possibly as a distraction.

All the rest, with the possible exception of the one about toys -- which I would make a goofy thing where they deal with Yuffie sending Tifa stuff she so doesn't need (so funny, not smutty) -- I'd be forcing.  (As a side note, this ties in nicely humorously to the audience prompt... Tifa keeps telling Yuffie to quit 'helping'... and then she gets a gander and has to agree that they don't need any help at all.) 

I also just realized that I thought there was a bondage prompt (tie me up, buttercup) and there's not.  It's just the title of a fic I thought was a response to said prompt.  Which means the idea I'd come up with (stretched as it was) is now unnecessary.  Well... sugar.  I kind of liked it as it tied into the whole Yuffie-should-mind-her-own-business plot idea.

Anyway... forcing situations makes it really hard to write, and takes the fun out of it.  =(

I should've tried to contemplate what I'd write before I let my "must have more Cloud/Tifa smut" compulsion get the better of me.  I so suck.

Should I stick around and write the ones that I note above?  And then drop?  Does dropping my claim make me a wimp?  Does hanging around just for awhile make me mercenary?

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Because the muses aren't jumping up and down on me enough, apparently.

Cloud is absolutely beautiful here:
It's even more fantastic because it's not a reuse of a pose from AC or CC or DoC or anything else.

And this one makes me want to write a story where it happens:

Am tempted to comment or email and ask if I can write something inspired by their art.

Please comment on these fantastic pieces if you go take a peek!
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I am signing up for [ profile] 12_stories. This set of prompts is short though, (only 12) and I can mess around and write for different pairings in each if I want. So... I've decided to go for four pairings, with three stories for each.

These will include Rurouni Kenshin (K&K, obviously); FFVII (cloti); Jak and Daxter (Jak&Keira) and Prince of Persia (The Prince & Farah). Which is kind of a random conglomeration of things, but I'd like to write something for RK (to get back in the swing); Tifa and Cloud own my brain right now; I'm playing Jak II and there's just not enough non-YAOI love for that series; and as sexy as Prince of Persia is, there's very little fanfic.

Edit:   ROTFL. It just struck me that the latest Prince of Persia tells the story of a different Prince, and his Farah is a donkey. So let me just clarify, that I mean the Sands of Time trilogy, in which Farah is a human princess.

Prompt table hidden here )
Planned prompt distribution:
Jak: Anger, Answers, Assignment
Prince of Persia:  Duty, Loss, Choices
RK: Thought, Desire, Caring
FFVII: Travel, People, Leaving 


Feb. 12th, 2009 05:34 pm
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Here's my  [ profile] fanfic50 prompt table.  My pairing is Cloud/Tifa.

My Table )


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