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This has to be seen to be believed:

Samurai Underwear

I suppose it helps answer the 'what does Cloud wear' question in a very very very small way:  whatever he wears, these ain't it.
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Much to my surprise, I got a notice late last week that my order was shipping... and it arrived today.

So, for the curious:

I sprayed it on a few squares of tissue, and my initial reaction was that it was too feminine. Not quite flowery exactly, but... feminine. Flowery without the sweet maybe? Perfumey? (Hopefully this makes sense.)

That was almost the only thing that struck me, and it struck me as horridly off (I don't want to know what Aerith smells like, nor what it smells like if Cloud sleeps in the flower bed for a few weeks 24/7, thank you). There was a note underneath, though, that was different, so I let it dry and came back later.

Second reaction: it's very pervasive. I sprayed 2 -- count them, 2 -- sprays, and an hour later, my entire first floor smells like it to me. We have a 3000 square foot house, and I sprayed the stuff and left the tissue on the bathroom counter. I didn't walk around the house with it.

Third reaction: For whatever reason, it smells more masculine the further away I am. (Which is just ODD.) Up close, it still smells rather feminine, and reminds me a bit of the make-up counter area in fine department stores. XD But a bit further away, that perfume fades into the background, and the spicy tone characteristic of masculine scents comes to the fore.

Near or far, there is a note that smells -- for lack of a better word -- green. It reminds me of grass rather than flowers, so they got that part right.

On the whole, my downstairs smells rather pleasant, but I don't know that it smells like Cloud. It's too smooth, if that makes any sense. I think... it smells like he might smell fresh out of the shower, if he were to put on cologne. (And you were a room away, since it smells too feminine up close. XD)

I may see if the hubby will try it, so I can see what it smells like on someone, as it usually makes a difference. I'm not going to put it on myself, as my vasomotor reaction is already having a field day with the tissue. >.<
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I have preordered a bottle of Eau du Cloud.  Which is good, I guess (since I *am* so freakin' curious), because the Japanese Square Enix online store now says they've sold out.  It'll ship at the end of November I believe, so Happy Belated Birthday/Merry Early Christmas to me.

Yes, yes, I'm crazy.  I still say it's research, though, and research is good.  As long as it doesn't reek

Now:  Who wants a sample? 



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