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While poking around on Ravelry, I found the pattern for Cloud's Advent Children sweater: 


As a fan of Cloud, AC/ACC, and knitting, how could I not like this?  I even feel compelled to make one, although I don't know anyone who would wear it. Well, I think [ profile] kitsune13_tam has cosplayed as Tifa in Cloud's clothing, but clearly she already has a sweater or the cosplay would not have been successful.

Should anyone be interested in checking out the pattern, it can be found here.

Also, if anyone else knits, crochets, plays with string, or otherwise has a ravelry account and would like to friend me, here I am. I spent a fair amount of yesterday uploading my yarn stash and now I feel all organized. 

Finally, I finished the scarf I was working on.  Pictures are uploaded on ravelry or:

(Kasumi is the name of the yarn I used.)
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Hubby gave me a bunch of yarn, including a gorgeous skein of Koigu kpppm.  I found a couple of free one-skein patterns, and I'm torn on which to try:

On one hand, I have everything I need to make the beret.  On the other, the bag is really adorable.  And on a third (o.O) it's a toss-up as to if I'd ever actually use either.


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I suppose I could also list it as number of stitches vs. number of words... but knitting would still win.

A few more pics are here and here
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Here are some pics of my in-progress knitting projects.  Not sure I'm doing this right, but it's keeping me amused, anyway.

Cut for large pics... )
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I have been a seriously prolific fanfic-er.  No wonder I never managed to move everything over to AO3. 

The wonder is really:  where has the urge to write gone?  I mean... it's still there, but I'm not churning the fics out like I used to.    

Does that make the ones I do write better or worse?


I've been a knitting fool lately.  I'm making monsters.  Monsters!  Ok, aliens, but... same thing.   

I'm working on the purple one right in the middle.  I've finished the head and body (it's knitted as one piece) now I have to make the feet, arms, and eyes. 

I'm also making a hat for my husband as he's been quite insistent.


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