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I decided to give away ten copies of my brother's first book, Kiss at Twilight.  Seven copies have been claimed.  If you'd like one of the remaining three, leave me a comment on the previous post.

Thanks to all for your interest!

ETA:  All ten copies are now gone to good homes.  I hope you all enjoy, and thank you all so much for your interest!

Free books!

Dec. 4th, 2011 11:57 am
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I have decided to give away ten copies of the PDF edition of Kiss at Twilight.  If you are interested, leave a comment here telling me a bit about why.  

Copies will be emailed to the contact listed on your livejournal profile page unless you specify otherwise.
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My younger brother has self published two books in a paranormal series. Today I found out that it was being carried by his local Barnes and Noble, and had already sold out.  They were ordering more.  This is so incredibly exciting and squee-worthy.  Everyone in my family is now trying to buy a copy from B&N -- I mean, we could just order it online, but there's something far more... real about actually buying it, in paper, at a major chain.

Sadly, my local B&N doesn't have it.  ~.~

So I'm gonna go order me some paper copies off Amazon.  If anyone else would like to support my brother, that would be fantastic.  (No pressure, mind you. Just... it would be amazingly cool.)  The series is available at Amazon in paperback, and from B&N in nook format.  And, you might be one of the lucky ones who can buy it at the local store (if you do decide to try it, and you do buy it at the store, I'd love to know so we -- the family -- can get an idea of where it's being carried).

My dad tells me that Jay was surprised to find they'd shelved it in the romance section rather than the sci-fi, but he's pretty cool with it.  'As long as they're carrying it and it's selling, it doesn't matter where they shelve it.'  ;)

Links to both Amazon and Barnes and Noble are below:

Kiss at Twilight (book one)
In paperback at Amazon
In nook format at B&N

Aurora's Kiss (book two)
In paperback at Amazon
In nook format at B&N

ETA: The books are also available direct from, and the prices appear to be better while also giving Jay a better percentage.  (Ebook is 1.99 vice 3.99; paperback is 11.99 vice 15.99.)  Here's the link to his stuff there.


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