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While trying to decide on a surname for an OC in my Dramione fic (because Flintstone if fabulous but completely inappropriate), I began researching what some of the oldest British surnames are.  In doing so, however, I stumbled over one of those facts that is blatantly obvious while still being incredibly easy to overlook.   The kind of thing that you know, but that you don't really think about knowing, and so it's almost like you don't know it at all?  Or like knowing you have to do something on Wednesday, and knowing that today is Wednesday, and yet somehow completely failing to make the connection that today is the day? 

In this case, it was the realization that a family name may be British without being English.  It might be Scotish or Welsh or even Irish.  I know that.  I've known it for decades.  It just didn't click.   

I've decided not to feel too bad about this 'duh' moment, however, because Rowling is British, and yet she flubbed it up, too.  To wit:  having a 'British' wizarding school founded in the 9th or 10th centuries and located in Scotland makes no sense.  Britain was by no means unified back then!  I'm no historian, but Scotland and England were still having intermittent wars two hundred years later. 

Please raise your hand if you think British wizarding families would send their children to Scotland for six months at a time during a war.

Or am I completely missing something else?
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"The Flintstone family was old, predating even the four founders."

Seriously, Tae, what is with you and names?  That's hilarious, but so not what's going to stick, you hear me?

Oh, my brain.
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Title: Like Diamonds
Pairing:  Draco/Hermione
Prompt:  My take on the Marriage Law trope.  Written for [ profile] aquacutie16, winning bidder for my auction on [ profile] help_japan.
Thanks:  To my sounding board/team of betas:  Sae, [ profile] quoth_the_ravyn , [ profile] jane_drew_ , and [ profile] guardantares.  I really appreciate all the support.  Thanks for putting up with me!
Notes:  I am at somewhat of a loss as to how to classify this particular chapter.  Technically speaking, I suppose it's a prologue, although I've never before written one that was framed quite this way.  

As written, this chapter has some formatting quirks that don't work well in html, so I've posted a link to a pdf for those who would like to read it the way I'd intended.

Changing the Guard )
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I finished a meme fic!  And it's only... 6500 words.  ^^;

I hope you enjoy [ profile] vashka_kat!  This is my first foray into HP fiction, so... fingers crossed.

Sauce for the Gander )
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So, I think I've finally got my idea for your fic, [ profile] vashka_kat !  I've been working on it a bit this weekend.  I may... pick at Draco and his ignorance of muggle things a bit.  ^^;  (At the moment, I'm toying with the idea of him thinking the staff or rod of Asclepius is some sort of Slytherin or parselmouth symbol.)  Hopefully that will work for  you...? 

In any event, here's a brief teaser:
Harry Potter ficbit under here )


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