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I haven't managed to play either of the Dissidia games, but from what I've read, this fic strikes me as both (a) hilarious and (b) appropriate. There's even a hint (if you squint?) of cloti at the end:

Cyclic Dilemma

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As much of my f-list are Kenshin fans, you no doubt know [ profile] quoth_the_ravyn.  For those of you that don't, know that she is awesome in every way imaginable, and has written me Cloud/Tifa fic.  It's her first foray into FFVII (and very hopefully not her last), and I think it's absolutely fabulous.  Ravyn has a real talent for writing the supernatural, and her action scenes are fantastic (not to mention her steamy ones).  She's taken those skills and turned out a wolf-based AU that left me breathless (much like the characters).

So go read!

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Ok, this is a bit of an odd fic rec, 'cause it's a bit of an odd fic.  But the writing is fantastic, as are the details, and the way the author has imagined every facet of how this... time line altering change would play out.  It's a bit slow moving to start, but keep going -- the most recent chapter is amazingly adorable, and full of things to make your Cloud/Tifa heart smile and go "d'awwwwwww!"

Against All Odds

ETA:  It strikes me that I should emphasize that this is not a Cloud/Tifa romance.  This is not a Cloud/anyone romance.  But that doesn't mean the interaction isn't sweet and cute as anything. =)

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First, the really fun stuff.  Here are a few Cloud/Tifa fic recs from the current [ profile] ff_kissbattle :

Costume Calamity by [ profile] mabbly
Pirates by anonymous

Next, review angst.  Which is misleading, as it's not angst over reviews, but rather the review reply interface.  Anyone else think it's just lousy beyond belief?  Or am I alone in preferring to be able to see my response and the review together at the same time, like here on LJ?  (Or maybe I'm stupid and I'm missing something in the interface...?)  I find it annoying trying to figure out to whom I've replied and to whom I haven't.  (Granted, this could be my own fault for having more than one fic going at a time...)

Last... currently feeling very depressed and feeling very much a failure and I don't know why.  Could be a holdover from the short visit with hubby's father (he was in town for a few days last week), or the rain, or just general dissatisfaction with being me that comes around whenever Bob's been to visit.  Happily, Sae is coming on Friday, and Zoe is supposed to be coming on Sunday, so maybe that will chase the blues away.

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It is still mind bogglingly hot here, and I'm scrolling through my bookmarks looking for something to read to take my mind off melting.  And I found this:


Thought I would share, as we all enjoy a good Cloud/Tifa fic.    It's smut, but not terribly graphic.


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A large list of drabble recommendations, for those looking for a pick-me-up or just some light reading.  Many are parts of larger posts, so be sure to read the story at the very top of the browser (as the following story may not be to your taste).

Keep You Warm -- Marlene and Cloud
Backlog -- Tifa and Cloud and too many swords
Toys for Tots -- the whole 7th Heaven family
Piece of the Past -- Cloud and Zack (this one's a bit bittersweet)
Calling All Birds -- Mentions of Cloud.  The last line is fantastic.

Damn Technology -- Marlene, Vincent, and his new cell phone
An Unlikely Friendship -- Follow on to "Damn Technology".  Only it's Marlene and Chaos now.
And since I'm on the subject of Vincent and his phone:  The Real Reason Vincent Valentine Doesn't Have a Phone.

Good Intentions -- Denzel, Marlene and baking

Morning Dialogue at 7th Heaven -- Cloud and Tifa

Matters of Size -- An embarrassing moment for Cloud, courtesy of Marlene

Out of the Mouths of Babes -- Toddler!Cloud and Toddler!Tifa.  And the last line -- considering we ship them -- is hysterical.

Missing You -- bittersweet Tifa, set pre-game

Rest Your Head -- oh, ouch.  But still rather amusing.  And the next one on the page -- "Honest Mistake" -- is funny, too.  Actually, they're all pretty good.

SOLDIER Fantasy -- rotfl.  Yuffie and Tifa and a magazine.

You Gotta Watch Those Clear Bottles  -- Cloud, Tifa, and too much alcohol.

Fireworks 2 -- Cloud and Yuffie friendship.  Awww.  (Fireworks 1 doesn't have anything to do with Fireworks 2)

Very funny crackfic series about Cloud and the Zackobo:  First 3 partsSecond 2 parts.  The last drabble (the 3rd) in the second link isn't part of the series, and is as serious and lovely as the rest are silly (scroll down and read that if you don't read the others).

Two drabbles in the same post, both wonderful:  Awkward Afterglow/Just Your Typical Family

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So here is my rather long list of Cloud/Tifa recommendations. It's longer than I'd expected it to be. It also includes some things that -- strictly speaking -- aren't pairing related; but I think family stories are an important part of the Cloud/Tifa dynamic, too.

Please feel free to suggest stories not already on the list. I won't promise to add them, but I love new reading material, and will certainly give them a try.

Entries are sorted into the following categories:

Ambiguous/Friends -- the story can be read either as friendship or couple, but I think it leans more toward friendship
Ambiguous/Couple -- same as above, but I think it leans more toward couple
Couple -- blatant couple-y goodness
-- Cloud and Tifa are there, but the focus is on the Seventh Heaven family
Miscellany -- Stories I want to rec but I'm not sure how to classify
NC-17 -- contain graphic sex

I've slapped titles (more like labels) on the untitled stories so I can differentiate between them. This is not to be rude or infringe upon anyone's creativity. Please, please let me know if you are the author and would rather I use a different appellation.

The List )


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