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Title: Pen Pals, Fan Clubs, and SOLDIERS
Words: 950
Note: This is set in the Fidelity universe. I'm not sure why, but my brain insisted I write it. Just how did Tifa find out about Cloud's fan club?

In which Tifa receives an unexpected letter... )
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Title: Language Drift
Characters: Cloud/Tifa, Barret, Reno
Word Count: 1500ish
Rating:  T
Warnings: Crackish silliness and a little bit of language
Prompt: Written for [personal profile] emory (hakuen on livejournal), who had the winning bid on my FFVII Help Japan auction.  No specific prompt was given, I was just told to keep doing what I do... so I hope this works.  (I owe you another 1500 words, too.)

Language Drift )


Sep. 3rd, 2010 03:08 pm
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I am so addicted to FFVII it's just not even funny anymore...

I'm supposed to be writing night-under-the-highwind smutfic, and I keep getting distracted by 'research'. For example: I need to know what Cloud and Tifa's clothes look like in order to get them out of them properly, right? (Right? Right? Someone?) So... last night I watched the end of Crisis Core so I could see Cloud in his OGC getup in high res art... and ended up tearing up watching Cloud react to Zack's death.

And then I got distracted trying to figure out what to call Tifa's inner gloves (not the red ones, but the black sleeves underneath). They're basically arm warmers.

Now (as in the last few minutes) I'm watching ACC so I can see Zack and get a better gander at the way the suspender/belt thing works. (It's research!) Only instead of just watching that part, I've watched from the moment Seph appears and says his taunting/creepy long-time-no-see line.

No wonder it's taking forever for me to write...

(Resisting the urge to go watch it on the big-screen projector so I can slow down at all the best parts... this is ridiculous...)

P.S. What is up with livejournal? Where's my formatting bar??

P.P.S. Who knew Shin-Ra was so concerned about back support? Not as cool as Zack's, but very similar.
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Title:  Deduction
Characters:  Cloud/Tifa, Yuffie
Rating:  G (or K on
Prompt:  For ffvii_100 on InsaneJournal.  First word/Last word.


Yuffie’s protest earned her another jab in the ribs from a booted foot.

“Get up.”

Ok... that was Cloud. Voice uninflected, yet still annoyed.

How’s he do that?

“Yuffie. Get up.”

Where was she, anyway? Somewhere hard and flat. Chilly, too. The floor?

“She must have snuck in late last night.” That was Tifa, tone amused yet exasperated.

Cloud... Tifa... sneaking....

The bar! She was in the bar.

At least the floor would be clean.

Another nudge had her flinching away and forcing herself upright.

That’s when the headache registered and the real pain began.

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Title:  Sex in the City
Characters:  Cloud, Zack
Rating:   PG (Teen)
Prompt:  For "pornbattle" on InsaneJournal.  Materia as a sex aid.
Notes:  I've done this prompt before as a sex story.  This time I went for humor instead.

Because friends don't let friends remain ignorant. )
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So... Kenshin is giving me fits (I came up with four fic ideas for a 'canon' RK story, but I'm not really thrilled with any of them, and the words don't want to come) but I've managed some FFVII silliness:

Doomsday Device?
Characters:  Cloud/Tifa, Yuffie

Posted to Springkink, but totally 100% G rated.  And silly.

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Title:  Achilles' Heel
Characters:  Zack, Cloud, Tifa
Rating:  G
Warnings:  Rampant silliness?  A touch of innuendo?
Word Count:  2151
Summary:  This is a fidelity-verse fic, taking place right after Tifa arrives in Midgar.  The guys take her out to lunch.
Notes:  This is about... 99% humor with a tiny touch of fluff.

Because even SOLDIERs have them... )
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Title:  Every Way That He Can
Author:  [ profile] sekiharatae 
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Innuendo, allusions to sex
Word Count:  900
Prompt:  Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Reassurance - He was never going to leave again, he wanted to make sure that she knew it.
Summary:  All the ways he tells her, and the one that makes her believe.
Notes:  Meh.  All the good ideas have already been taken, but hopefully this isn't too repetitive.

Words weren't the only way... but they were a good start.
sekiharatae: CC Cloud (I wish)

Written for the prompt:  Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Soul mates/past life - she had a feeling that she'd known him far longer than she truly had

Link to the fic on InsaneJournal

Not terribly happy with it, but it's what my brain produced. *sigh*
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Those of you who are good at crafts, or have kids to do projects with, may find this interesting. I think it's cute as anything, and I can barely make an origami boulder, so there you go.

Make your own paper models of the FFVII characters... for free! Requires nothing but a printer, patience, and maybe some tape or glue.

Cloud as a Shin-Ra grunt
(1997 in-game graphics)
Cloud in his SOLDIER uniform (based on combat graphics)
Kingdom Hearts Cloud
Kingdom Hearts II Cloud (closest you'll get -- probably -- to AC/ACC Cloud)

The rest of these are all based on the 1997 in-game graphics:
Tifa (standard outfit)
Tifa (cowgirl outfit)
Cait Sith
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Title:  Hunger Persists (3/?)
Characters (this part):  Cloud, Reeve
Rating (this part):  T
Notes:  More of [ profile] yuenmei 's (very belated) birthday prompt.

Hunger Persists Part 3/? )


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Title:  Where the Heart Is
Author/Artist: sekiharatae
Rating: K
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Home- Where ever she was... so was home.
Word count: 600
Summary: Cloud's lived in a number of places, but never understood what made a home.  Until now.

Over on Springkink


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