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Title: Language Drift
Characters: Cloud/Tifa, Barret, Reno
Word Count: 1500ish
Rating:  T
Warnings: Crackish silliness and a little bit of language
Prompt: Written for [personal profile] emory (hakuen on livejournal), who had the winning bid on my FFVII Help Japan auction.  No specific prompt was given, I was just told to keep doing what I do... so I hope this works.  (I owe you another 1500 words, too.)

Language Drift )
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Title:  Juncture
Author:  [ profile] sekiharatae 
Fandom: Tangled
Pairing: Eugene/Rapunzel 
Rating: K+
Prompt: #10 -- Take Me Under the Festive Lights ([ profile] citrus_taste  xmas mini challenge)
AN:  Thanks to [ profile] yuenmei  for the lightning fast beta and added encouragement.  Also... I said I wasn't going to write this, and yet somehow I did.  I'm definitely not going to win a million dollars, though. 

Being with Rapunzel makes him a better man, but he has to decide to be one. )
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Title:  "Extended Metaphor"
Author:  [ profile] sekiharatae 
Fandom:  Stargate:  SG1
Pairing:  Daniel/Vala
Rating:  T
Prompt:  #9 - Favorite Holiday Song  ([ profile] citrus_taste  mini xmas challenge)
AN:  First time writing for this pairing, fandom, and community.  Yowza!
Summary:  Vala might be reading too much into those lyrics...

Vala has an appreciation for holiday music )
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Maybe it'll get my brain working...

The Prompts:
1. Baby It's Cold Outside...
2. On the Naughty List
3. Peppermint Kisses
4. Tied with a Bow
5. Under the Mistletoe
6. Snowfall
7. Dark Twilight Night
8. Jingle Bell Rock
9. Favorite Holiday Song
10. Take Me Under the Festive Lights
11. Mystery Gift
12. Writer's Choice

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Title: Lucky Day
Pairing:  Kenshin/Kaoru
Rating:  K (all audiences)
Notes:  Written as a thank-you for [ profile] jlightning_wolf.  The request was for a canon Kenshin story... Sadly, it took three tries to come up with an idea that I could actually write to completion.  Hopefully I didn't take too many liberties (or develop too many misconceptions) regarding Japanese traditions.  Additional notes follow the fic.

The calendar promised it was a lucky day... )
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Title:  Be Afraid
Fandom:  Kingdom Hearts
Characters:  Cloud, Leon
Rating:  K
Notes:  For [ profile] meimi , who requested all of these elements, although possibly not in this order.  Also, Leon and all of the FFVII characters in KH (with the possible exceptions of Zack and Tifa) are supposed to be from Radiant Garden, so that's the way they're written here.  (i.e without FFVII backgrounds)

Be Very Afraid )
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Title:  Deduction
Characters:  Cloud/Tifa, Yuffie
Rating:  G (or K on
Prompt:  For ffvii_100 on InsaneJournal.  First word/Last word.


Yuffie’s protest earned her another jab in the ribs from a booted foot.

“Get up.”

Ok... that was Cloud. Voice uninflected, yet still annoyed.

How’s he do that?

“Yuffie. Get up.”

Where was she, anyway? Somewhere hard and flat. Chilly, too. The floor?

“She must have snuck in late last night.” That was Tifa, tone amused yet exasperated.

Cloud... Tifa... sneaking....

The bar! She was in the bar.

At least the floor would be clean.

Another nudge had her flinching away and forcing herself upright.

That’s when the headache registered and the real pain began.

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Title:  Sex in the City
Characters:  Cloud, Zack
Rating:   PG (Teen)
Prompt:  For "pornbattle" on InsaneJournal.  Materia as a sex aid.
Notes:  I've done this prompt before as a sex story.  This time I went for humor instead.

Because friends don't let friends remain ignorant. )
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So... Kenshin is giving me fits (I came up with four fic ideas for a 'canon' RK story, but I'm not really thrilled with any of them, and the words don't want to come) but I've managed some FFVII silliness:

Doomsday Device?
Characters:  Cloud/Tifa, Yuffie

Posted to Springkink, but totally 100% G rated.  And silly.

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Title:  Achilles' Heel
Characters:  Zack, Cloud, Tifa
Rating:  G
Warnings:  Rampant silliness?  A touch of innuendo?
Word Count:  2151
Summary:  This is a fidelity-verse fic, taking place right after Tifa arrives in Midgar.  The guys take her out to lunch.
Notes:  This is about... 99% humor with a tiny touch of fluff.

Because even SOLDIERs have them... )
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Title:  Every Way That He Can
Author:  [ profile] sekiharatae 
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Innuendo, allusions to sex
Word Count:  900
Prompt:  Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Reassurance - He was never going to leave again, he wanted to make sure that she knew it.
Summary:  All the ways he tells her, and the one that makes her believe.
Notes:  Meh.  All the good ideas have already been taken, but hopefully this isn't too repetitive.

Words weren't the only way... but they were a good start.
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I finished a meme fic!  And it's only... 6500 words.  ^^;

I hope you enjoy [ profile] vashka_kat!  This is my first foray into HP fiction, so... fingers crossed.

Sauce for the Gander )
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Written for the prompt:  Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: Soul mates/past life - she had a feeling that she'd known him far longer than she truly had

Link to the fic on InsaneJournal

Not terribly happy with it, but it's what my brain produced. *sigh*
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Title:  Hunger Persists (3/?)
Characters (this part):  Cloud, Reeve
Rating (this part):  T
Notes:  More of [ profile] yuenmei 's (very belated) birthday prompt.

Hunger Persists Part 3/? )



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