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I hate it when fandom eats my brain. Fandom can be worse than zombies in that respect.

Why, oh why, did I decide I needed to watch Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman? It's a show from the mid-nineties that gave a romantic comedy spin to the Superman mythos. It's fun. It's often adorable. Dean Cain (especially in season 1) is a right hottie, and the chemistry between Lois and Clark is fantastic.

So I dragged out the DVDs and watched them. And that's when fandom chomped my brain. "Go read fanfic!" it said. So I did. Then it started trying to get me to write L&C fanfic--which I am resisting, but it's seriously difficult.

Since I was having trouble finding stuff that was hitting the right buttons for me, I ended up branching out into other forms of Superman, reasoning that it's still L&C at the end of the day.

A few days ago I made my way to Smallville fic, and now I'm going to have to cave and watch the show. There're just too many things referenced that I'm clueless about.

And, you know, watching a new show would be fine, except:

(1) At least when it started out, Smallville was a teen angst show. Not really into teen angst.
(2) Lois isn't even introduced until season 4. That gives me three seasons of teen angst to watch for nothing but backstory.
(3) Clark apparently spends 7 or 8 seasons (out of the ten total) being especially angsty and dramatic over his supposed love for Lana Lang. Not only am I not interested in watching it, I'm utterly baffled by this. I'm especially baffled by the sheer number of people who ship the pairing, despite the fact that Superman has never, ever, in his entire history, chosen anyone over Lois Lane. I really don't understand how the romance hung on for another four seasons after she came on the scene.

I'm considering starting with season four, but I'm afraid I'll still be confused. I've also considered starting with... I think maybe season 8? Whenever it is that Clark and Lois start eyeing each other for serious... but, again, I suspect there will be much confusion.

It wouldn't be nearly as annoying if I could stream it--then if I didn't care to watch an episode (or decided to skip entire blocks of them) it would be easy to pick and choose. Instead, however, I'm having to get the discs from Netflix, and thus if I need to go back and watch something, it might be on a disc I don't have at the moment...


In conclusion, I guess I'm saying that fandom is a harsh, brain-eating mistress. And also, if someone else is a Lois and Clark fan and can tell me a good point to start watching Smallville, feel free to lay it on me.


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