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When I'm not moving fast enough to suit them...

Biggles/Zoe:  *whine*  *whiiiiiine*
Me:  Are you crying?  Haven't I told you that there's no crying in baseball?!

When they run up to me, excited about nothing I can see...

Biggles/Zoe:  *pant* *bark* *pant*
Me:  What?  Did Timmy fall down the well again?

When they just feel talkative...

Biggles/Zoe:  *yawn*  *strange grumbly noises*  *howl*  (That last is only Zoe)
Me:  Really?  And then what happened?

When one or the other leaves their current favorite toy/bone unguarded...

Me:  You better go back and get your bone.  Your sister will get it -- she's like that.
The careless one:  *pant* *pant*
Me:  See, she's got both now
The greedy one:  *grrrr! mine!*
The careless one:  *hey! no fair!*
Me:  No, you can only have one.   One.  No.  One.
The careless one:  *thanks mom!*
The greedy one:  *curses! foiled again!*

Silly post is silly.  But Bob is visiting, and it makes me laugh to talk to and about my dogs.
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The subject says it all. ^_^

We are getting so big!
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... and full of energy. 
  1. She's learned to go up and down the stairs.  I blame my husband for this, as he kept trying to get her to go up them on her own.  I am displeased as now I have to gate it, when before it was a strange and mysterious place that she felt was not to be approached.
  2. The chair mat in my husband's office is apparently EVIL.
  3. She's attitudinal.  If I'm sitting here and haven't played with her in a few minutes, she starts barking at me.
  4. The media room is suspicous on a whole new level of suspicious.  If she's running, she comes to a screeching halt at the door.  On the other hand, the bathroom (which was previously suspicious) is now a-ok.
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Since several people have asked, Biggles the Brave (as my husband calls her) is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Pictures are available here:  Biggles!  (Including 3 new ones, [ profile] yuenmei !)

On the downside, Biggles hasn't been feeling her best.  She woke up with an upset tummy on Friday; I had to take her to the vet, where they held her down and poked her with a sharp metal stick 4 times!  The horror!  Twice to inject different tummy meds, once for penicillin, and once to draw blood.  She made a horrible racket throughout the procedure; Biggles the Brave she was not.  She's done better since, but her tummy is still a bit unhappy.  I think my husband was more trouble than she was, though... every time she didn't do what he hoped/expected, he'd call for me... like I'm some sort of doggie psychic or something!

Also, Biggles is very quiet.  But when she does complain, she sounds rather like a squeaker toy.  O.o

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So!  I'm still alive. =D  Just a quick update for those who don't already know:  we have a puppy!  She's very sweet and very cute and very energetic.  I'm spending most of my time during the day trying to keep an eye on her so she doesn't eat things she shouldn't.  (i.e. the furniture)  She's sleeping now, though, so I have some time.  (I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee!)

I'm working on Ashfae's pirate fic.  It's taking me far too long, Ashfae!  I will try to have it this weekend, puppy permitting.  After that, I'm going to try and finish the next chapter of Hunger Persists (it's been sitting on my harddrive at a page and a half for a few weeks now).  Then it will be Fidelity's turn, and then my Are You Game prompts.

(Pauses to have keyboard issues... is using hubby's computer 'cause the puppy and I are camped out in his office... I miss my keyboard.  This one doesn't feel the same.)

Speaking of smutty prompts, a preliminary list of prompts for [profile] springkink is up, and many of them look iiiiinteresting.  ^__^

What else, what else...

Oh, does anyone play on Polyvore?


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