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I have been a seriously prolific fanfic-er.  No wonder I never managed to move everything over to AO3. 

The wonder is really:  where has the urge to write gone?  I mean... it's still there, but I'm not churning the fics out like I used to.    

Does that make the ones I do write better or worse?


I've been a knitting fool lately.  I'm making monsters.  Monsters!  Ok, aliens, but... same thing.   

I'm working on the purple one right in the middle.  I've finished the head and body (it's knitted as one piece) now I have to make the feet, arms, and eyes. 

I'm also making a hat for my husband as he's been quite insistent.
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Back To The Pit

So, I decided to start putting my non-smut back on  Partially this is because of the upheaval at the LU, and because put the smackdown on RB.  But largely it's because I'm a review junkie and I'm not getting any on AO3.  *cries*

My Tangled fic has had many favorites but few reviews.

This Gives Me Hope

Sometimes when I'm reading a novel, I become torn between frustration and encouragement:  the first because I want to smack the author's editor; the second because I think, If this got published, I can get published.

Then I think maybe I'm on smack, and that just because I have a love affair with long sentences doesn't mean those who don't write poorly.  Even if it makes the writing seem choppy and disjointed.

Is there such a thing as a sentence snob?

Amazon Passwords

I am such an Amazon junkie that I had to change passwords on not only the US site (and for two different accounts) but also for the Japanese and UK sites.  No, I don't like books.  What makes you ask?  (Although... technically I can't read the ones I get from Japan.) 

Hubby had to change his on US, UK, CA, and FR.

(Don't know what I'm on about?  Read here.  I could login by typing my password all in caps, for example.)

Words of the Day

I love words.  If I ever write another HP story, it'll feature enoptromancy.    Obnubilate could be a great title for an FFVII story.  Also, I never knew there was actually a word for someone who collects toothpick boxes. 


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