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Normally I would f-lock this entry, but considering my writing commitments -- and the utter lack of any apparent progress on them -- I thought I would share why that is.  Hopefully the extent of the treatment I was prescribed today will be sufficient explanation.

On February 12th, I finished the latest in a string of 30-day courses of antibiotics. (I think it was the 3rd 30-day, and the 5th prescription overall since the end of August.)
On February 13th, I saw my doctor, and she confirmed what I already knew:  my sinuses showed no improvement.
On February 21st, I had my first appointment with an ENT.  He did a CT scan of my head, seemed impressed by the degree and extent of infection revealed, and referred me to an allergist.

Today I visited the allergist.  After making me breathe in a tube to test my breathing, turning my right arm into a field of hives, and making me blow my nose on some sort of special tissue, he sent me away with the following instructions:

(1) A 30 day course of prednisone (steroid), starting with five pills a day for five days and tapering off from there.
(2) A 30 day course of Augmentin (antibiotic)
(3) An 8 week regimen of nasal washes using a saline-and-bactroban solution (this would be similar to neti-pot, except using an antibiotic)
(4) A prescription for rhinocort aqua (nasal steroid) which I am to use for the foreseeable future.

In four weeks I go back for a check-up, at which point if I'm not any better, sinus surgery will be the only remaining option.

So... clearly, there is a lot going on in my head, and none of it is condusive to writing.
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